The Homecoming King

Mattie’s homecoming day was incredibly emotional. Saying goodbye to dear friends in the PICU and saying welcome home to the boy we had longed to have in our home for 11 long months.

I”ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Every bit of this journey has been worth it. Mattie’s life is so precious and so dear. Ordained from the beginning of time to touch the world with his love.

Tender goodbyes.

Soft moments of love.

Touches that mean more than words can ever express.

Walking the hallway that leads to HOME!

Mommy and Daddy filled with joy and a little boy for whom a wonderful world awaits.

Saying goodbye to dear ones who had become family to us.

This is how we roll.

Being welcomed home by Nick, Taylor, and Isabelle.

Finally HOME!

Such a moment of complete joy with a twinge of unbelief. We finally made it.

Taylor and Isabelle greeting their brother.

This is HOME? Wow!

Smooches from Daddy.

Momma snuggles!

Oh Momma, this is HOME? I love it.

I sang this to Mattie over and over again over the past 11 months and never were there ever truer words:

“You are so beautiful to me. You are so beautiful to me.

Can’t you see.

You’re everything I hoped for.

You’re everything I need.

You are so beautiful to me.”

-Joe Cocker


4 thoughts on “The Homecoming King

  1. Your most recent blog posts have all made me cry with tears of joy for your family!! It brightens my day when I see that you have posted something new! Thanks for your willingness to share your joy and love with others!!

  2. I have been meaning to comment on the past few blogs as we have been sharing in your ecstatic-nessd!! I well up with tears with every post and picture. Mattie is home! He is a star! And you have run this marathon – almost a whole year in the hospital. Whew, what a journey. I am sure it isn’t over, but we are praying that the hardest part is behind you now.

  3. My parents used to sing that song to me when I was a baby. It’s unofficially “my song” in our family (I’m 38!).

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