I have no idea how my heart is supposed to contain all of the joy that I am feeling.

There are a 100 selfish reasons that I wanted my son to finally come home. All of them completely understandable and good, but so small in light of my pure desire to see him experience family life and the explosion of love that has been showered upon him since his arrival home a few days ago.

Here we are Saturday at our favorite park in Kansas City. Gentle Breeze. Gorgeous sunshine peeking through the shade of the trees.My family. Together.

Mattie’s smile is pretty much plastered on his cute little face all day long! This is what it’s all about.
This precious smile makes every bit of this journey worth it.

Sister love. Just when I thought I couldn’t fall more in love with my children than I already am, they look at each other like this, and I’m done for!

Brother Time: Aiden and Taylor loving on sweet Mattie Boy.

Aiden is very possessive and protective of his brother. It is truly priceless. He dotes on him, simply cannot keep his hands off of him, and even reprimands him from time to time.

Awesome big brother Nick with my two beauties Emma and Elia.

Our favorite park!

I adore these two. Nick and his lovely girlfriend Amy.

Mattie loves his Daddy!

My boy! Oh my heart is full of joy!

And Yes, we can go places and we will go places! Mattie deserves to see the whole, wide world.


18 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Yes indeed, Mattie does deserve to see the whole wide world! He’s such a sweetie pie! Love his smile!!

  2. JOYJOYJOY!!! Thankyou for sharing these BEAUTIFUL pictures of your NEW LIFE!!!

  3. Lately whenever I read your posts and see the pictures my eyes leak too!!!! Because I am sooo very very very happy for you all!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your family picture at the park- PERFECT!!!! And the picture with your children together- PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God is sooo very very GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So precious…just precious to see your family together and the beautiful joy on your faces as you simply enjoy His day…together.

  5. made me cry – thanks so much for sharing – what a long, bumpy journey but so , so worthwhile. Awesome family!


  6. I don’t know you guys. But do know the ONE you worship and WHO lives in and through you – our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Your blog entries are sweet. Thank you for sharing your family with us. SDG!

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