Perfectly Reasonable

So today the lovely people at Kansas City Power and Light sent someone to our house. I was sitting at my desk with the sliding door open because the breeze was so amazing and I noticed movement in the back yard. I got up and saw a man near our power box thing (what’s that called Joe?).

I said, “Can I help you?”

He said, “I’m here with orders to shut the power off because our records indicate that you don’t live here anymore.”

I said, “Don’t you DARE touch that! We certainly do live here. I know I paid my bill, and I have a son upstairs on a ventilator!”

He said, “Maybe I got the orders mixed up.”

I said, “You most certainly did!”

He said, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to clip this off and put a medical alert tag on here.”

I said, “Sir, you almost made a very serious mistake.”

Now mind you, if he had turned it off, Mattie wouldn’t have died. We have all sorts of back up power. BUT STILL, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think my Momma Bear reaction was PERFECTLY REASONABLE, don’t you?

On a completely different note, I got a phone call today at dinner time.
It was an automated phone call.
And I assure you, my response was PERFECTLY REASONABLE!

It went like this (a computerized, female voice that I’ve heard dozens of times): “Hello, this is Children’s Mercy Hospital reminding you that ….pause…MATTHIAS, has an appointment (at which point I start bawling)… at the Special Care Clinic (sob, sob, sob… the family looks at me a bit concerned) on Monday, October 3rd (SOB SOB, laugh, laugh, SOB, SOB, not they’re looking at me like I’m crazy)…. at 3:15PM. Please do not forget your insurance card, medication list…(sob, laugh, sob, laugh… John says, ‘this isn’t going to be as amazing as you’re making it out to be is it?….sob, laugh, sob), please press #1 to confirm that you will be at this appointment.” (Heaving sobs, head on table, heaving sobs, laugh, sob, sob, laugh).

I report the nature of the phone call between sobs, and they all look at me like I’m a lunatic. Though deep down, they all understood. Nick said, “Everything just seems a bit amazing right now doesn’t it?”

Yes it does. Everything seems a bit amazing.

And my response was indeed PERFECTLY REASONABLE.


3 thoughts on “Perfectly Reasonable

  1. Oh, most definitely reasonable!! And I so can relate to that Mama Bear instinct! The kids I worked with in the high school youth group didn’t give me that nickname for nothing! Lol! In fact, kids who have long since graduated high school still refer to me by this nickname whenever they see me at church. So, yeah….TOTALLY REASONABLE!! đŸ˜€

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