Scrambled Eggs

I hope you didn’t come across this post hoping for some amazing recipe for scrambled eggs.

Scrambled Eggs.

That is just the state of my brain after meeting all afternoon to coordinate Mattie’s discharge and get the first in three trainings on the ventilator completed. Today I looked at that little machine that is about the size of a laptop (only thicker), and I thought… “This little machine is going to make it possible for my child to live at home.”

This $57,000 machine. And then I looked at the buttons, knowing that before too long, I will know and understand their function the same way I know how to operate my microwave or my stove (well maybe not quite the same), only learning to operate this machine means LIFE for my son.

So tonight I sit here looking over notes on Pressure Control, PEEP, and Tidal Volume. I remind myself that the vent mode Mattie is currently using is called Assist/Control, meaning Mattie can initiate breaths on his own, but the machine supports each breath with a specific amount of support that make breathing easier for Mattie; and that the machine will make sure that he breathes 20 times per minute even if he doesn’t initiate the breath on his own.

Tonight I thank the Lord for the miracle that is about to happen. My son is coming home. We happen to live in a city with a hospital that allows children under the age of 2 to go home on a ventilator. God is good. God is very very good.

I am a grateful to the amazing Dr. Linda Gratny and Delores McGee (APRN, BC, CPNP-AC,MSN), who spearheaded the home vent program for Children’s Mercy in 2005. I am grateful for an incredible team of specialists, therapists, and nurses who are working diligently to get us home.

Next week John and I will spend 48 hours at the hospital in the room with Mattie, monitors off. We will have just the equipment/setup that we will have at home. We will be responsible for his care round the clock for 48 hours with nurses at our disposal if we have questions.

The we will bring our son home. For tonight, I am going to give these scrambled eggs a rest knowing that God knows what He’s doing and He trusts us with Mattie and will enable us to do this.


7 thoughts on “Scrambled Eggs

  1. We are ready and willing to help get whatever at the house ready for Mr Mattie to come home! Also, let us know if you want a photographer not in the family on hand for coming home pictures!

  2. “the only city in the nation that allows children under the age of 2 to go home on a ventilator.”

    Absolutely AMAZING. God was making preparations for Mattie’s arrival back in 2005. He was already making plans to prosper and not to harm him. He knows the number of hairs on Mattie’s precious, sweet head.

    I’m going to be saying, “Wow!” to myself until I fall asleep tonight. That and “You are an AWESOME God!”

  3. Congrats to you all! One thought….I’m sure tons of info is flooding your way. Consider bringing a video camera with you to record some of the instructions that docs/nurses provide. It might help with the details. Of course I know nothing about your experiences over the last 11 months but just a thought. Looking forward to seeing pics of the homecoming for Mattie!

  4. “the only city in the nation that allows children under the age of 2 to go home on a ventilator.”
    WOW. Seriously. WOW. Who knew! Amazing. Humbling. WOW.

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