Could This Really Be the HOME Stretch?

Before a “Mattie Medical Update” post, you all deserved to feast your eyes on that yummy boy just after his bath, all wrapped up with love by a couple amazing nurses who decided to deem this “Spa Day with Mattie.”

Mattie is doing great! He remains on the home ventilator after a tiny setback the other day where he was put back on the hospital vent for half a day. His latest echocardiogram shows that his heart is functioning beautifully! The cardiologist is very pleased with the surgeon’s repair and we are grateful to our amazing Cardiology Team for their exception care of our son!

The plan is to GET THIS BOY HOME! It seems to be the common phrase of the week, “It’s time to get this boy home!”

We are so good with that plan.

So next week we have a DISCHARGE CONFERENCE with all of the medical team that is responsible for getting him to that place. We will discuss goals and SET A DATE!

Additional things that need to take place in the next 2 weeks: trach CPR for John and I, a home inspection checking our set up and basic electrical stuff, training from the medical supplier on operating the ventilator, getting Mattie’s home health care in place (He will have 24 hr/day nursing the first 3 weeks home with a gradual wean down to about 12-16 hr/day for the duration of the time that he is on a ventilator), and then near the tail end, John and I will stay at the hospital in a parent room with Mattie for 24 hours.

We still have a few remaining things to get in place at home. We have paint a bedroom and move the Littles into it and make a few other minor adjustments.

Please continue to pray for the next few weeks to go SMOOTHLY, for Mattie’s health to remain stellar and for us to get all of our training and preparation done.

To say we are READY for this boy to be under our roof learning how wonderful it is to be part of a family would be an understatement.
WE ARE READY! Now let’s get this done.

Today I got onto the elevator and there were two hospital administrators on the ride.
I yawned on our descent and one of them said, “Oh don’t do that!” (You know the kind of response you give because yawning is contagious.
I smiled.
She asked, “Been a long day?”
I paused, smiled again and replied, “It’s been a long ten months.”


6 thoughts on “Could This Really Be the HOME Stretch?

  1. I LOVE this picture! Mattie’s grin made me laugh/cry. He is so beautiful! Praying that the home stretch is problem free and that Mattie is home with his family ASAP. Kiss his precious head for me!

  2. OHHHHH……BEAUTIFULBEAUTIFUL BOY!!! How I wish to cuddle your PRECIOUS SON!! PRAYING that you have him HOME ASAP, in this AWESOME FAMILY where he belongs!!!

  3. That is the most adorable picture of Mattie! Good luck with all you have to do in the next two weeks to get your boy home. He sure is a cutie-patootie!

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