Some of the greatest experiences of my life have been the finalization of each of my children’s adoptions. Those of you who have adopted know what I mean.

If you have never seen an adoption decree, I would like to share some of the verbage from one:

“And the minor child born October 20, 2010… is and hereafter shall forever be, for all legal intents and purposes, the child of the petitioners, John Robert Loux and Tracie Lee Mickey Loux, to the same extent as if the child had been born of the petitioners’ marriage.”

Flesh of my flesh. Matthias Samuel Loux is my son forever and ever as if born of my flesh!

He has always been mine in my heart, but there is nothing like holding a piece of paper that declares it to be so!

After a drive to St Louis (Mattie’s court appearance was waived), John and I spent the night and showed up in family court bright and early last Wednesday morning. We traveled home and made a late night visit to the hospital to tell the boy it was going to be FOREVER.

My boy! My boy!

Daddy I love you! I’m so glad you’re my daddy!

I think he looks like he gets it, right?

The nurses celebrated with us and one of our special ones even got some balloons and made some banners for Mattie’s room!

5 thoughts on “IT IS FINAL

  1. I’m so glad, Tracie! Even though, I’ve never known what its like to adopt, I do know what its like to give me heart in love to someone. Mattie is definitely a special little one in God’s heart, and I am so happy that he is officially a part of your family. Mazel Tov! đŸ˜€

  2. OH MAN THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE ADOPTION DECREE!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CALL IT THE FAT LADY SINGING!!! IT IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAHOOOOOO MATTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you are stuck with a fun loving, Jesus following, crazy for each other, family that loves you with all of their hearts forever đŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my! I didn’t realize that Mattie and Elisha are only a month apart! Come home, Mattie! Elisha (and your family) wants to play!!! Congrats!

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