My Boy!

My baby is doing well. We had a tiny setback the other day, but we’re cruising forward. Working on getting his home vent settings just right and making adjustments to his heart and lung medications. We are still hoping and believing that he’ll be home by the end of the month, or early October at the latest!

I spend my afternoons playing with this happy baby. He is delightful beyond words. I love seeing him to healthy baby things. Playing with his feet, cutting his first tooth, sucking his thumb, grabbing for toys, rolling over, and pulling my hair! Yep, my boy is amazing!

His a lip smacking baby! One of his favorite things to do.


Not sure what this look is, but it sure is cute!

Today I told his story once again to a nurse who had not had Mattie before and every time, it just chokes me up. I can’t believe the miracle that the Lord has done in bringing this precious child into our family.

I have lots on my mind these days and just need more time to write.

What do you want to hear me write about?


5 thoughts on “My Boy!

  1. Oh Tracie! Every time I see one of this boy’s amazing expressions, he steals my heart all over again! Though that last expression seems to say to me, I’m not sure myself what this expression’s all about. Still is cute, though. đŸ˜€ I’d love to hear some more about how many of Mattie’s nurses are won over by him just as I am, though I’d have to ask the Lord to forgive me of jealousy. They get to be with him everyday!!!

  2. I desperately needed a smile today ~ and there was that amazing, handsome, inspiring little boy of yours with his incredible family. I got my smile. There is some happy news in the world. Thanks.

  3. Mattie is stylin – love the outfit!! I say write what is on your heart like you always do and keep those pictures coming! : )

  4. Tracie-He gets more handsome every day. Just wish I could be his nurse too đŸ™‚ I love his outfit! Funny that it has owls on it, as we just had a real one sitting on the edge of our pond today. Thanks for the update and pics. You are my inspiration.

  5. LOVE Mattie pics because his story is just sooo amazing, and the face behind the story even more amazing!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love hearing your write about anything, but the things you posted on facebook earlier were a great list!!!

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