Mattie’s First Hair Cut!

Before the hair cut. The boy needs a trim!


See what I mean? The boy needs a new do!

Momma? What are you doing?

After! Gorgeous, sweet curls are back!

So today, I held this precious boy and he lay there smiling at me, making goo goo eyes at me, and then fell asleep for a tiny snooze. When he woke up, he just looked at me adoringly and my eyes teared up because I am undone at the thought that Jesus chose me to be his Momma. I cannot believe that I have been given the privilege of spending the rest of my life loving this incredible child.

And here I go again. There is another momma, my friend Amy, who is longing to bring her sweet son HOME tonight. Longing to rescue him from live in an orphanage. Longing to show him what love is, what the tender embrace of a momma feels like, longing to whisper into his ears, “You belong, You are mine!”

Won’t you please consider helping her? GIVE TO IVAN’S ADOPTION FUND HERE! In honor of my brother Derek. Please give! I’m asking tonight for 400 people to give $10. It’s so very very easy!


4 thoughts on “Mattie’s First Hair Cut!

  1. Oh my gosh….the expressions on his face in some of the pictures are priceless! He looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!

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