Mattie and Ivan

Mattie has been struggling with respiratory issues the past few days, and has had to go back on the hospital ventilator for a bit of a rest. Apparently his lungs didn’t get the memo that his heart has been fixed and they don’t have to work so hard now, or they’re just plain confused about the change and can’t figure out what to do. My poor attempt at explaining this is that for so long the lungs have had to work hard to handle the over circulation of blood being sent to them by the heart due to heart defect, and now that the heart is repaired the lungs have to learn to adjust for the decrease in pressure.  I cringe to think some of my medical friends are reading this and thinking, “She has no clue how to explain this does she?”

It’s true. I don’t really know how to explain it, but for some reason Mattie is working harder to breath, he hasn’t been feeling so great, and his CO2 levels have been high. They are working to adjust his medication for his heart and lungs and also working to find the best ventilator settings for him. This is pretty typical after an AV Canal repair. So we’re riding along, just enjoying our son and praying that this all gets ironed out soon.

We’d appreciate your prayers and as you’re praying for Mattie today, please continue to pray for little Ivan who is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Little does he know, a beautiful Momma is preparing to come get him and take him into her family forever. She needs our help today to bring in the remaining funds. If you read, my post from yesterday and already gave in honor of Derek’s birthday, we are so very grateful. As I write over $2500 of the $7000 needed has come in. I’m believing for another 450 people to give $10 each today to cover the cost of this precious boy’s adoption. 

Be sure to check out yesterday’s post for more details on Ivan and the precious family that is about to make him one of their own.

AND GIVE!! $10 from $450 people. CLICK HERE!!! That’s all it would take to erase the financial need for this precious one’s adoption!


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