Yet Another Roller Coaster

Well the past few days have been a bit crazy. Mattie had a horrible reaction to something (possibly a formula change) on Monday afternoon. He ended up with severe diarrhea that left him completely dehydrated and very very sick by Tuesday morning, with very high heart rate and very low blood pressures. We are very grateful to “A,” one of Mattie’s primary nurses who came in Tuesday morning and alerted the doctors immediately to what had sadly been overlooked the night before. “A” is a rockstar in our book and we are so grateful for her impeccable nursing skills and compassionate care for our son. We watched the nurses and other medical staff pull together to nurse Mattie back to health.

It was a frightening morning to say the least, but we are so blessed that Mattie is feeling better.

We are still waiting for a final determination on the cause of the massive diarrhea, but in the meantime he is being well hydrated with IV fluids.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Roller Coaster

  1. OH WOW! Thank the Lord for A!!!!!! Praying they figure it out….and for continued healing!!!!


  2. Thank god he is doing better!sweet baby mattie is such a blessing.you are all in my prayers I’m sure your anxiety is at a high I hope you can find rest.give him a squeeze and tell him how precious he is.god bless.

  3. Lord, thank you for the excellent medical personnel caring for Mattie. Make them hyperalert and vigilant regarding every nuance in his condition. Touch this sweet baby boy with your hand of healing and fill his family with your peace and strength. Every day, in every way, may Mattie get better and better and be discharged to home and the loving arms of his family VERY soon.

  4. I love you my beauty boy. Thinking of you and knowing that Uncle Derek would have showered you with hugs, kisses and so much love. He’s praying for you my darling. We all are. Trusting Jesus to bring you home soon. You are so beautiful and I love you…

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