He’s a Champ!

Mattie is starting to wake up, though I’m not sure he wants to wake up. With all the tubes, IV’s, drains, incision etc. I think he’d rather just sleep. When he wakes up he’s a bit thrashy and uncomfortable, we’re trying to manage his pain/discomfort without just keeping him totally sedated.

He’s off of all of his heart/blood pressure medications! His heart is functioning beautiful. He is still receiving diuretics to draw any excess fluid off. All in all though, he is doing unbelievable well.

He was able to get rid of his arterial line and central line (IV’s) and is down to just one PICC line. He’s back to full feeds and handling that very well.

I guess the biggest need for prayer is that he’ll get through this period of discomfort and coming off the heavy pain meds with ease and comfort.

More pics coming soon!


6 thoughts on “He’s a Champ!

  1. My nephew, Avery, is going through the same thing. He just had surgery because his shunt got infected… Sadist part is they just took the stitches out and he was on a steady incline. It seems he would rather just sleep and you can just tell when they are in pain even though they don’t talk. These little guys need a full dose of HOLY SPIRIT COMFORT! We are keeping little Mattie in our prayers.

  2. Mattie is a champ! So happy to hear the latest report and pictures are always great, too!!

    I couldn’t go to the conference your mother was at in PA where Julie led worship because the kids were home from KC and we were all staying at my parents’ house out of town; but, I hear the conference group came up the hill to have lunch at the church where I attend. Small world! : )

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