The Fantastic Mr. Mattie Loux

Fantastic. That’s the word that was used over and over again today to describe how our boy is doing. He is doing FANTASTIC.

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prayers surrounding this little boy for the past 10 months have been EFFECTIVE!

Mattie and Daddy before surgery!

Mattie and Momma before surgery!

Mattie post-surgery

Daddy and Momma post-surgery! So proud of our beautiful, handsome, strong boy!

Current Prayer Focus:

1. That Mattie would be able to come off the pain/sedation meds with comfort and ease.

2. That his heart/lungs/blood pressure would continue to regulate and be exactly where they need to be.

3. That the healing process would be smooth and quick so that we can begin the next important steps to get him home.

4. For the home front- for the help/support to continue, for the kids to be at peace with last weeks of this journey, for the energy and resources to get the remaining things done around the house to prepare for Mattie’s homecoming!


Love and Thanks


8 thoughts on “The Fantastic Mr. Mattie Loux

  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Mattie has the face of an angel. Even though his little body went through so much with this surgery, he looks so peaceful. Praying for continued healing for this precious little boy!

  2. LOVE your new blog look 🙂


    PRAYING continued miraculous healing, continued help and that your home would continue to run smoothly through this next hurdle, and that Mattie would be HOME soon with his wonderful family 🙂

  3. So happy to hear that Mattie is doing well. Prayers continue for a smooth course. God Bless!

    P.S. Kiss his precious head for me, please! : )

  4. We love you so much little angel! Praying for your quick recovery. You are fantastic and amazing. You’re blowing us away with your strength and will to live! We are so proud of you! So much love to you our little beauty! XOXOXO Love Auntie Ne’ Ne’ and your tribe of cousins

  5. WOW!!!!! I’m so overcome with joyful tears at how amazingly well the surgery went, and I’m praying that God will bring this journey to a joyful and successful homecoming. Much Grace and diving favor to you guys. Looking forward to the homecoming pictures, too. 😀

    We keep praying for all of you!!!
    Love, Christina

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