We’re ON

Mattie’s surgery will move forward tomorrow as planned.

The suspicion of infection has been ruled out. His white blood cell count is great and there are no longer any signs of infection.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. If you look on the lower right hand sidebar of the blog you’ll see my “Twitter” feed which will have short updates on Mattie throughout the day.



7 thoughts on “We’re ON

  1. Our prayers are so with you – we remember this day in our own lives. It is one thing to say your children are in the Lord’s hands, but when you actually have to hand them over to others (ie, for surgery), then your faith is really put to the test. However, Mattie IS in the Lord’s hands and he has a special call on his life. Daniel is praying for his friend Mattie, for a perfect surgery, no complications and a speedy recovery. (He will post this on his blog to recruit even more people to pray.) And Daniel’s parents are praying for you and John – we remember well that feeling. It is so hard, but all will be well. Bless you guys!

  2. Our prayers will be for the Lord to control the hands and mind of the surgeons and the team as well as for Mattie’s body to respond miraculously well to that which will transpire.
    May you and the family rest in the knowledge that your son is in the Hands of the Great Physician and Healer!
    We meet with the surgeons today to set the date for Malachi’s AV repair!
    May you sense the great cloud of witnesses round about you with every breath, movement and thought!

  3. He’s doing great! My blog went crazy today and I lost my whole side bar. Find me on facebook if you are on. 🙂

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