Strengthen Me According to Your Word

My beautiful artist friend, Diana was praying for Mattie one day and created this sketch in her Bible across Psalm 119. She texted it to me, and it literally took my breath away. Even now my eyes fill up with tears as I think about the beauty of the prayers she has offered before the throne of God for my sweet son.

Today was hard. Mattie may be brewing an infection in his trach. He is not acting horribly sick, just kind of cranky with a lot more secretions from his trach. An amazing nurse was insightful enough yesterday to notice a few subtle changes and have a culture taken to the lab. We are waiting for the final results on this lab work, but at the moment it does point toward an infection. Antibiotics have been started and if the results show that he does indeed have tracheitis, then the heart surgery will not take place this week.

Obviously we do not want him to go to surgery with any form of sickness, but I certainly am feeling weighed down by the disappointment of yet another possible setback.

This morning, I asked Diana to email me the photo she had taken of her Bible, and it was so timely to see it close up- to see my son’s image with the Word of God literally piercing it.

My tired heart need to see the words just below the portrait:

“My soul clings to the dust; Revive me according to your word.
I have declared my ways, and You answered me: Teach me your statutes.
Make me understand the way of your precepts; So I shall meditate on Your wonderful works.
My soul melts from heaviness; Strengthen me according to your word.”

Psalm 119:25-28



3 thoughts on “Strengthen Me According to Your Word

  1. I love you. I love Mattie. The real miracle is the reality of the height, width, depth and length of God’s love for Mattie and all of the Loux’s.
    His desire is for you. His desire is for full healing. I stand on His word, just as you have so faithfully done, and I call to Him on behalf of a boy who will grow in stature and favor!
    My prayers are a tiny portion of what God is hearing from the saints on your behalf.
    He knows us all, His truth is clear, and we give Him the glor,y in the mighty healing name of Chist Jesus.
    I love you.

  2. This drawing makes me cry because it is soo beautifully done IN THE WORD!!! Praying for your family, for Mattie, and for the precious WORDS of God to be in your heart as you raise your children. Even though it is hard PRAYING GOD’S PEACE be in your souls as you wait on the Lord yet again. That Mattie will be strengthened and healed completely and MADE WHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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