We have a date! Mattie’s FINAL heart surgery, his big repair (AV Canal) will be this coming WEDNESDAY, August 10th.

Mattie’s been a little tired of WAITING!

But he’s kept himself busy learning new things! (By the way HE ROLLED OVER YESTERDAY!!)

And he’s been working extra hard on being cute and growing out some more curls.

We are so excited to finally have a date and have this final surgery done, which means NEXT PHASE is get Mattie ready to come HOME!
His recovery from this surgery could take awhile. Please pray that his heart and lungs adjust to the repair without too many issues and that he heals quickly!

We expect that the EARLIEST he will be HOME will be mid-late September, but we are REALLY PRAYING that he will celebrate his FIRST BIRTHDAY (Oct. 20th) AT HOME!

In the midst of the excitement of having a date, I admit that I am slightly terrified. Leaning on Jesus more than ever now and trusting Him to complete the work HE is doing in Mattie’s life! We treasure your prayers, your love, and your support.


5 thoughts on “IT’S A DATE!

  1. Wow such good news Tracie! So happy to hear his time in the hospital is coming to a close! Will be praying for speedy recovery and quick homecoming đŸ™‚ Bless you guys!!

  2. OK those new pictures just make me absolutely SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Wright Family will be PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of course Mattie is one of our favorites- the kids love seeing his new pics as he has grown đŸ™‚
    PRAYING his HEALING will be complete, HIS homecoming SOON!!!

  3. Many people will be praying for him and your family. I do understand how nerves you may be during surgery. My Mom has had 2 heart values replaced. Jesus will be with you along this surgery and during Matties recovery. God Bless your Family… Joye
    He is so cute………

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