Princess Training Camp

My girls went to Princess Training Camp this weekend. I shipped them off Friday and Saturday morning for three hours each morning expecting them to come back refined and well, you know, “princess-like.” After day one, however they came back more like cranky-pants divas. Let me pause to say that I do not hold the fine leadership of the Princess Training Camp responsible for their inability to polish my daughters in the short span of 6 hours. These lovely ladies of mine are indeed Princesses at heart. We adore them, let me assure you, but the past few days have been far from serene.

Blame it on the 100+ temps we have dealt with all summer long or the fact that life in our home has not been “normal” in quite some time, but my little ladies have had their share of melt downs, overloads, and down right screamin’ fits the past few weeks. For the next few moments however, I invite you to view my little ladies in all their Princess-glory!

Take note of Elia Jane (far left, in the rear) who was “feeling too shy” to participate.

Emma taking a bow!

Princess Elia with her Daddy.

Princess Emma with her Daddy.

Elia said to me about a month ago, “Momma, when I grow up and turn into a princess, will you take me to my castle.”

Sure Elia when you grow up and turn into a princess, I’ll take you to your castle, and I will move into the guest house in the backyard and eat bonbons.

In the meantime girls, continue to practice walking like a lady, get your princess wave down really good, and make sure you keep that pinky up while you sip your tea.


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