Mattie’s 1st Bath and 2nd Heart Catheterization

I know, I know… totally unrelated but, oh well.

Mattie had his first bathtub bath EVER! I am 100% sure that I was way more excited that he was, but he did great!  The little things that I took for granted with my other babies, all seem monumentously amazing with Mattie.

There are a gazillion firsts that I’m looking forward to, and I can hardly wait until we’re out of here to experience them all.

There is a projector in Mattie’s room that projects moving slides onto the ceiling. At the moment the excitement of bath time had some competition- puppies and kitties on the ceiling!

Hmmm?? Not sure what I think about this, Momma?

Time to sit back and relax!

Squeeky clean baby snuggles in with his daddy for some good lovin’.

Oh, and let’s not forget the heart cath. Tomorrow around 1 or 1:30PM.

Here’s the rundown again:

1. Mattie’s Echocardiogram this week shows all GOOD SIGNS of improvement in his heart. The muscle that was hard is much softer (thinner, not as thick), VERY GOOD NEWS!!

2. The Heart Catheterization tomorrow will give the surgeon good pictures of Mattie’s heart function to better equip him for upcoming heart surgery.

3. Friday the Cardio Team will meet at conference and discuss all the results and make a plan for surgery.

4. We wait for them to give us a date, which we probably won’t know until sometime the following week, however we do anticipate surgery to be within 1-2 weeks.


5 thoughts on “Mattie’s 1st Bath and 2nd Heart Catheterization

  1. Praying for you all and loving every single update!
    Keep them coming.
    Oh he is just so adorable! That hair!
    Congratulations Mattie on your first bath!
    We are praying and celebrating with you over here at our house.
    God bless you all!

  2. You are so right about those wonderful 1st. They are all the more wonderful because you work so hard and wait so long to get to them.
    Praying for Mattie’s surgery.

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