I’d Like for This to Be the Home Stretch

I have this hope in my heart that this may indeed be the home stretch. It certainly must be, for everything in my heart says that this boy needs to be home soon.
We just want to have our boy HOME.

I long to look into these glorious eyes every morning.

I long to kiss this face every time the urge comes over me, which is often I assure you.

I long for Mattie’s siblings to have daily interaction and play with him.

I long for these two boys to become best friends.

I long for my son to be in his Daddy’s arms any time he needs to be there.

So what does the journey look like from here?

Mattie’s heart cath is July 27th. On July 29th, the powers that be of the amazing Cardiology team at Children’s Mercy will gather and discuss our son. The assumed result of this meeting is that they will set a date for his full AV Canal repair. The anticipated time frame for the heart repair will be sometime in the 2 weeks following that meeting. His recovery from surgery will take about a month or so. He will need to recover from surgery, restart feeds, and transfer to his home vent. He will need to be stable on his home vent for 2 weeks before discharge.

If you do the math, it seems that the earliest he would come home would be mid-September.

It is my deep desire that this sweet miracle boy be home for his first birthday, October 20, 2011. May it be so, Lord.

8 thoughts on “I’d Like for This to Be the Home Stretch

  1. Mattie is stunning! What God has done is stunning! This is such an amazing testimony of our Father’s faithfulness.

  2. Joining you in praying that this is indeed the home stretch! What a “Longer” than anticipated journey this has been to get your little man home! It appears Mattie and Malachi may be in for AV canal repairs at similar times.
    Continuing to pray……

  3. Agreeing in prayer with you, Tracie. I’ve fallen in love with this little one just following your journey and praying with you. I’m longing to have the opportunity to meet this wonderful one whom God loves and meet you and John as well. Hopefully soon. Daniel

  4. Praying your sweet curly headed beautiful boy will be home soon!!!!!!!!!!!! That is really where HE NEEDS TO BE đŸ™‚

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