Happy Birthday Nick

19 years ago on July 8th, my life changed forever. This young man entered my world and turned it upside down in the most beautiful kind of way. I became a Momma.

I marvel at the creativity of God when I look at my son. What kind of incredible, loving, creative, exciting God comes up with something as amazing as my son? The Creator of the universe, that’s who! Blows me away.

The best part of the day for me was that we ended with a quiet family time of prayer and blessing over Nick. We all sat around and shared stories about his life, things we love about him, and then prayed over his year to come.

It is kind of scary for me to think about what this next year could bring for Nick. Mostly scary in a “oh my word, my son is a grown up” kind of way. I try not to cry when I think about him becoming more and more independent, and I really, really try not to think about the day when he will no longer be living under my roof. I know it’s coming, but hey denial is fine for a bit longer.

I love you son! You light up my world like no one else can. I get to be your mom, and that’s the coolest thing ever!

The Littles picked out a dinosaur card and a 4th of July balloon for Nick for his birthday. Why not?


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