A Double Fun Wedding

19 years ago, John’s brother Derek held these two precious girls as newborn babies. He was half way around the world on a missions trip at the time, and little did he know that 10 years later he would return to the Marshall Islands and give these girls his name, making them his daughters. This past weekend we celebrated their marriages, and I could not help but be utterly amazed at the redemptive power of the cross and the difference adoption has made in these two priceless lives.

My beautiful nieces Teyolla and Keyolla on their wedding day!

If you think you’re seeing double, you are! Yes, these twin beauties married twin brothers! We were so happy to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. Congratulations Sean & Teyolla and Eric and Keyolla.

John with Renee, the lovely mother of the brides.

In the midst of a wonderful celebration of these precious couples beginning their lives together, there was an undeniable sadness that the girls incredible father, Derek, was not there to bless them and give them away. Renee did an amazing job of leading the girls into this beautiful journey that they are now beginning. I know that Derek was looking down with so much pleasure as he watched this day unfold.

John and I at the reception. So grateful that his pain was manageable and he was able to enjoy the day.

My three eldest: Nicholas, Isabelle, and Taylor

Crazy Cousins on the dance floor: Isabelle, Sophia, and Taylor

Aiden and Emma- A slow dance to remember!

Nick with his lovely girlfriend Amy.

Elia breakin’ it down with big brother Nick!

Our awesome friend, Dave, with his hands full of some crazy love!

Taylor and Elia!

We are FAMILY!

The beautiful Isabelle and handsome Taylor.

Emma keeping Daddy company.

We had an incredible day of celebrating together with family and friends. We are so very blessed! 


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