I’m old enough to remember the days before things were wireless. I remember the first beasty computers with yards and yards of cables and dial up internet. I remember having a CB in our family van. I remember the days of talking to girlfriends on the phone for hours while twirling the spiral cord. I remember buying a longer cord so I could fold laundry, change diapers, and do dishes while talking on the phone. Yes, I’m that old.

My baby is not wireless.

Some days it’s harder than others. It’s not the wires themselves that bug me. It’s the immobility. It’s being tied down. The other day all I wanted to do was scoop up my sweet boy, run outside, and roll around in the grass with him. I want to take him to the park and go down the slide. I want to put his beautiful little toes in the wading pool and watch them curl up under the shock of cold. I want to lay in the hammock and take a nap with him. I want to spin and dance and toss him in the air.

Someday my baby will be wireless. And I promise you, when that day comes, I will weep with joy.

Photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Shelley Paulson, photographer extraordinaire, but mostly dear friend. http://www.shelleypaulson.com


6 thoughts on “Wireless

  1. WOW… such a good analogy! Very poignant. Prayers that Mattie will go wireless soon. Tears for baby Mattie. My heart is so full of love for this baby. Prayers in abundance… blessings will hopefully come soon in abundance.
    Kerry Reed

  2. Praying and will do some serious dances of joy when Mattie gets to be wireless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all and praying for Mattie daily……

  3. This is Daniel’s mom from Jerusalem. We only spent two weeks in the hospital (not even consecutive) and believe me, that was enough. We pray for you guys every night (Mattie is on Daniel’s list of friends to pray for) that you will soon know the joy of being wireless and FREE! And, in addition to that, the joy of miracles that will take place in Mattie’s life. We are rooting for that little boy!! He is so cute and kissable and has a great destiny.

  4. Continuing on in prayer for you, Matthias, and the rest of the family as you walk through this journey.
    Specifically praying for joy in the midst of trial as God shows you the blessings wrapped up in this experience, for strength as you juggle home life and hospital-home life, for unity as your family faces the added challenges of the situation, and assurance that you will be ever aware that you are the ones whom God called for Matthias!
    In Christ, Marae
    PS Hoping the wireless days are soon upon you!

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