My Beautiful Boy

So sorry for the delay in update! Mattie is doing great and has recovered from his heart surgery very well. He is his charming, snuggly, sweet boy self again and it is a delight! He has passed the 7 month mark now. He loves to have stories read to him, reaches out to touch the pages, and gives a full face grin when my voice inflections strike him as funny.

He’s also getting to the stage where he definitely responds to John and I when we come to visit, and knows when we aren’t there. This is bittersweet as you can imagine. It’s getting harder and harder to walk away at the end of a “Mattie Shift.” John went for his visit the other day, leaned over the bed to greet Mattie, and then stepped back to set his things down, only to turn around to see a pouting baby boy who stopped the minute Daddy returned to the bedside to scoop him up. Uh oh!

Having this time right now where he is so happy, playful and interactive is simply glorious!

We continue to wait. The plan at this point is to complete his full repair no sooner than 6 weeks from now, and no longer than a few months from now. Much of that depends on what the next few weeks bring. In the mean time they are moving forward with feeding and ventilator changes “as if” we are moving toward home. If by that 6 weeks time marker, he is “ready” to go home but not quite ready for surgery, he may end up coming home for a month before surgery.

After having experienced so many ups and down, we are simply going to love our boy and see what happens. It would be so lovely to have him home, if even for a few weeks to smother him with love and just “be” a family before surgery.

Please be in prayer for the following:
– that he is able to tolerate continued increase in feeding and get off of his IV suppliments.
– that he continues to respond well to the ventilator changes necessary to transfer to his home ventilator.
– that his heart continues to heal and rest to be in the best possible shape for his AV canal repair.


3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Boy

  1. Oh my goodness! He looks so good. What a beautiful, beautiful child.

    Praying and thanking our Father-God for all He has done and is doing. So much more than we realize…

  2. So glad he is doing so well…..continuing prayers for him as decisions are made. LOVE Him and he is not even mine đŸ™‚ Oh Mattie!!!! We are lifting you up to God for healing, and for you to be able to go HOME to your wonderful family!!!

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