I am a Mom

I am a mom.
I have 7 amazing children.
You hear a lot about one of them right now, and understandably so,
But the other six, well they are flat out amazing too.
Treasures every one of them.

Nicholas Dean and his lovely girlfriend Amy in Poland

My oldest son Nicholas changed my world the day he breathed his first breath. My heart is full of gratitude when I think of my son, precious gift from the Lord. Creative beyond words. Kind, sensitive, caring and giving. He blows my mind. I remember when he was a little guy and I would just stare at him an imagine all that he could be. Well he became and is becoming more than I could have ever dreamed in my small mind. When I look at Nick I am reminded at how good God is a making people.

John Taylor

My second born, Taylor has a way of captivating my heart like no one else. He is quiet yet full of wisdom. He is a deep thinker and when he chooses to speak, it is profound or funny or slightly shocking. He is a creator. He loves to a make things with his hands. He also loves words, and I love this about him. I’m fully prepared to watch him become one of those people who touches the world in a incredibly large way through what he creates. He’s one of my favorite people in the world to hang out with.

Isabelle Josephine

Oh Isabelle, my daughter! This young lady is as beautiful and amazing as the come. She is firey and passionate about life. She gives big, loves hard, and cares deeply. She is a natural born teacher. I have rarely seen someone so young, so naturally gifted as a teacher. She can’t help it. It just oozes out of her. She is lovely inside and out and the fact that I get to be her Momma just causes my heart to soar. She makes everything she touches beautiful and everyone who is touched by her feels special and loves.

Aiden Joseph

What in the world can I say about this boy? He has turned my world upside down. From the moment I laid eyes on his orphange mug shot, it was a done deal. You got me boy…hook, line and sinker. Aiden is the dream I never knew I had, come true. He makes me laugh all day long with his silly little looks and his stinker boy trouble. This boy is full of adventure, laughs, and lovin’ goodness. And how about handsome? Melt my heart kid!

Emma Anastasia

Beautiful Emma sent from God to change my heart like no other. This beautiful miracle of the transforming power of God reminds me every day that there is nothing to broken in me that God can’t restore. My favorite times with Emma are just sitting on the couch or laying in bed early in the morning allowing her to just explore my face. This is her favorite way to connect with me and it reminds me that all we really need from the Father is to touch his face and let him do the rest. Funny, quirky, lovely Emma. I’m so glad you’re my daughter.

Elia Jane

Elia Jane. Feisty little lady. Crazy blend of soft and sensitive with a whole bunch of strong will and fire. This little one opened our hearts to adoption and we have been forever changed. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t thank Jesus for the gift of her LIFE. Elia is the leader of the pack, she a take charge kind of girl. She’s playful fun and has an incredible imagination.

Some days I just want to stand at the top of a mountain, getting as “close” to God as I can and scream with all my might, “THANK YOU GOD FOR CHOOSING ME, FOR GIVING THESE PRECIOUS ONES TO ME, FOR TRUSING ME, AND FOR LOVING ME ENOUGH TO GIVE ME SUCH GIFTS!”

I am a mom.


5 thoughts on “I am a Mom

  1. LOVE this post because I TOTALLY FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How on earth did we get to be sooo BLESSED???? GOD IS SOOO VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD!
    Love all your babes! đŸ™‚

  2. BEAUTIFUL pics of your AWESOME KIDS!!! Thanks for sharing!
    You are one BLESSED MAMMA!!!

  3. You have some beautiful children. It is so true that Our Father in heaven gives each of us immeasurable worth and beauty. When I look at the photos of each of your children, I see the proof of that truth. Hope your hubby gets better soon…said a prayer for peace in your heart and trust in His providence. All will be well:+) God bless!

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