Being a Mother is Hard

Yesterday was one of those days that in the midst of a very difficult situation I was able to REJOICE in the incredible goodness of God, His faithfulness as a Father, and His strength as our Defender.

My oldest son Nicholas has been in Poland for over two weeks helping to record a worship album that his girlfriend Amy is working on. I am so proud of the both. They have worked so hard on this project and it’s going to be amazing!

I woke up yesterday morning to a phone call from one of Nick’s friends telling me that Nick had lost his passport on the way to the airport to come home and had missed his flight. Much more agonizing than the fact that he had missed his flight was the fact that HIS PASSPORT was GONE! Not something a Momma wants to hear. Thanks to the amazing internet, I was able to get on Skype with Amy who gave me the details in rapid fire mode. Long story short, Nick had to take a bus, to get a train, to get another bus to take him to the airport, and in one of his changes, he left his backpack in the overhead storage. The backpack contained all of his cash, his debit card, his passport, his drivers license, his camera, his journals, his Bible….

Thanks to the kindness of the Lord, within minutes of receiving all of this  news, the report came that someone had FOUND Nicks bag on the bus and returned it to the US EMBASSY.  Some incredibly kind and honest individual did what very few would have done! We have been told numerous times that it is literally a miracle that his bag was recovered, nothing stolen, AND taken to the Embassy.

I immediately started working on his flight. I was on the phone for a very long time, canceling his flight, and re-booking him for the next possible flight. I was told I would have a change of flight fee of $250 and would have to cover the difference in flight prices. There was a flight available the very next day (today). I was put on hold and the agent came back on the line only to very sheepishly tell me that the difference is flights was TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. I sort of did the emotional, panic struck Momma thing and rambled on and on to him about how I didn’t have TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS and I WANTED MY SON HOME. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him. He quickly transferred me to Delta. The lovely Delta agent, Tamara, apologized profusely, told me that I would not have to pay any difference in flight, she re-booked his flight, and charged me $250.  Minutes later, someone watching the drama unfold on Facebook, messaged me that they were sending us $250 to cover Nick’s flight change.

I was able to SKYPE with Nicholas after the flight was taken care of. He literally got off the bus, sat down on the train only to realize his backpack was not on his back, jumped off the train, not knowing where he was, having no phone or phone numbers. He had his iPod which allowed him to communicate via Facebook and Skype.  The Lord send kind strangers every step of the way to lead him to where he needed to be, translate for him, and help him to retrieve his backpack and get to the safety of a friend who put him up for the night and took him to the airport. He even had two amazing Polish women give him money to get something to eat.

Being a mother is hard. Loving your children so fiercely hurts sometimes. I’m glad so very glad that the Father has his hand on my children even when I can do nothing. Whether it is knowing that my 18 year old son was alone in Poland trying to get home or whether it is leaving Mattie each evening to come home, as I mother I cannot survive with out utter dependence on the Father knowing that He is watching over those most precious to me when I cannot


9 thoughts on “Being a Mother is Hard

  1. WOW! AMAZING testament to the Lord!!! PRAISING GOD HE IS OK and safely returning to you!!!!! That would make any mama’s heart explode 😦 yikes!

  2. You said it so well. “Whether it is knowing that my 18 year old son was alone in Poland trying to get home or whether it is leaving Mattie each evening to come home, as I mother I cannot survive with out utter dependence on the Father knowing that He is watching over those most precious to me when I cannot.” I hate the hopeless feeling that a mother has to go through regarding their children. I think of Mary in the life of Christ and how she HAD to trust the Father with His/her son… especially at the time of the crucifiction. What an enormous thing she had to do. But God was faithful to her and she saw her beloved son again. It’s so hard being a mom! Beautiful post, Tracie.


  3. PHEW! I held my breath through that entire post. I stand in amazement of the Lord. Blessings to you Tracie!

  4. I too have only survived with utter dependance on God as my two oldest are halfway around the US helping to staff a Prayer Furnace. There have been many times that they have been sick, hurt, or hungry and I had no way to help them. All I could do (all?) was to call on the One who loves them so much more than I, and He rushed in to help. I’m sure the help was on the way well before I even prayed. He is SUCH a good, good Father.
    Praising Him with you that yours is also in such good hands.

  5. Tracie,

    I’ve been on the receiving end of those Momma prayers, and I just wanted to say to you, even though I’m not your son, that I’m so grateful that my mother hung on to the Lord as hard as you do. On behalf of grateful sons, thank you for your prayers and praise the Lord that your son is okay. 😀

    In Christ’s Love,

    Daniel Farrow

  6. what a blessing.how awesome is our god! and how refreshing to have a reminder of the overwhelming good that is still all around us when often times we are so bombarded with the bad.

  7. One of those times when you realize that they really aren’t your children, but His! Happy that He took care of His children!

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