Heart Matters

Mattie’s heart catheterization went as planned on Friday. The results basically confirmed what we already knew: that Mattie has a pretty significant AV Canal Defect, that his heart is too much blood to his lungs, and that his the pulmonary pressures are too high. Mattie’s heart needs to be fixed now. The Cardiovascular Team will meet to discuss Mattie on Friday and will set a date for his surgery at that point. We expect his surgery to be sometime within the next week or two.

Mattie and I just before his cath on Friday.

Yes, he really is that cute!

We love this little man with all of our hearts and we would treasure your prayers for his upcoming surgery. I will write more later about what this all will look like.


5 thoughts on “Heart Matters

  1. May the Holy Spirit give all the decision makers total clarity re: exactly what needs to be done for Mattie and exactly how to go about it all. Praying and believing for a creative miracle in Mattie – that his doctors would be amazed by what they see – a perfect heart!! Praying for Mattie’s complete and total healing and for wisdom from On High for his cardiovascular team.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day. Kiss that precious boy’s sweet head for me!

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