My Baby

Several times when talking to people about Mattie, I’ve been asked, “Does he know you?” I have found it such a strange question. I think I get it, but at the same time it strikes me as so odd because I know this little boy like the back of my hand. And he knows me. Oh, yes he knows me.

I am blessed.
This baby boy is my dream come true.
Sometimes love drops into the very bottom of your heart and then just explodes.
This is love.
My son.

Photo courtesy of Dorean Beattie

6 thoughts on “My Baby

  1. people really ask if your son knows you?that seems so silly to me he is a child and you are his loving mama who showers him with affection and tenderness,im sure like most babies he knows you by your scent and voice alone,there is nothing that would make that sweet muffin not know his true mama.

  2. PRAYING!!!! Love that Dorean is there- say hello from us!!! Miss her đŸ™‚
    Little Mattie…are you teething us? Because we need to see your heart- thanks! đŸ™‚
    How can you look at that picture and not see his love and recognition of you- his mommy…it jumps out at me.

  3. He is adorable, even with the extra fluid in his face. Waiting to hear how the procedure went today…

  4. Every day I wake up and open up the blogspot to see what is the prayer request for Mattie before I begin my devotions. Even with the urgent needs to be prayed for, he is a real joy to see in the pictures with your family! I begin my day with a smile as I see him through the pictures! He is one very loved and blessed little boy!!! He has a special place in my heart!

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