Heart Matters

Our sweet boy will be having a heart catheterization on Friday. The goal of the heart cath is to get better images of the heart defect and overall heart function. The purpose of the heart cath is to make a determination about the condition of Mattie’s heart and decide on the best time to have his AV canal and valve repair done. We are thinking this may happen sooner that we had anticipated.

You can be praying specifically that the heart muscle itself along with the septum will begin to relax and thin. At present we have been told that the heart muscle is firm/thick, and that the septum is much thicker than it should be. This thickening is not ideal for surgery. So we would ask that you would all specifically join us in prayer that as they look at Mattie’s heart on Friday that they would be stunned at what they see. We believe the Lord is the Healer and we know that He has His hand on Mattie’s life. We are asking God to cause the heart to be in excellent condition for surgery or to heal it completely!

They are working hard this week to keep Mattie stable and well for the heart catheterization. Please pray for NO SETBACKS or interference of any kind to come in the way.

6 thoughts on “Heart Matters

  1. of course i will be praying diligently for your little prince.Give him an extra snuggle from my family in idaho:)

  2. God’s highest and best for you all.
    I love that photo and he is so precious.
    Blessings to your entire family.

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