I have four sons. The other day it struck me. It’s not like I didn’t already sort of know that. I just never really said it out loud. I have four sons.
Saturday, my oldest came to spend some time with my youngest.
You shouldn’t have to visit your baby brother. You should just get to hold him and kiss him whenever you want.
Nick is the only one old enough at the moment to go visit Mattie. The hospital NICU is still closed to children 17 and under for flu and RSV season.
Isabelle and Tay are pretty bent out of shape that they haven’t seen Mattie since January 9th. Don’t even get them started!
Isabelle told me the other day that I needed to go to “that hospital” and tell someone that they needed to let her in to see her brother.

Nick is one of those young men who will be miles ahead of most when it comes to fathering and parenting. I’m certain that when he has his first child, he will be one of the most amazing fathers on the planet.

Yes you may marvel at that spectacular tiny boy face. He is spectacular indeed.

I marvel at that man, my son, who is holding his brother. Soaking in the beauty of one he has chosen to love.

I’m thankful for my sons. Thankful for my eldest. Thankful for my youngest.

Longing for the day when all four of my sons will be together.


15 thoughts on “Sons

  1. Very cute photos.. But I have to ask, what makes you know that Nick is going to go on to have a child (or multiple children)? He is so young, and I feel that assumption is unfair to have.. Not everyone has kids! They’re a choice, not a requirement.

  2. Dear Reader,
    First, I don’t know you. And it is clear that you don’t know our family. Any comments I make about my children and their dreams for their future are based on THEIR DREAMS, not mine. My son, Nicholas, talks often of his desire to be a father, of his dreams of having a family one day. It’s something he has a deep desire to see in his own life. I’m not assuming, and I’m not requiring. He has always made his own choices regarding his life, the things he chooses to pursue, the things he is passionate about. He is an amazing young man.

  3. Tracie- love these pics of your son together. You’re right, nick is a wonderful brother and will be a fantastic father to his kids when they enter his life. They will be blessed with a wonderful caring parent who guides them and helps them realize their dreams. A parent just like you. Love you sis!

  4. Dear VLVL,

    Please don’t judge this mother’s heart. She speaks what she knows, and she speaks it in love. In the years I’ve known Tracie, one of the things I’ve loved about her is the way she speaks to edify and encourage her children. Actually, she talks that way about and to her friends, as well. If you took time to get to know her, you’d see that. And, if you let her get to know you, she would speak that way about and to you, as well. I count it a privilege to know this amazing family, and this amazing mom.

  5. Hi, VLVL ,
    I personally know Tracie and her family and I can assure you she is speaking truth in her response. These people break the mold of the cynicism modern society places on the breakdown of family. In fact, it broke mine. Tracie and John are very close to their children and involved in their lives. When you walk in deep relationship, assumption isn’t necessary because fact is discussed. Not everyone has kids, this is true, but if you knew this family, you would know that it would probably ache these kids if they didn’t have kids of their own. I have rarely, if ever, seen a closer family or better parenting. I am sorry for whatever you have seen that makes you feel this way, and I can assure you I have probably seen it myself. But what we have seen that is bad isn’t the heart of God, nor is it what everyone on this earth is doing.

  6. I love these pictures. They capture the love Nicholas has for his brother. In our house the other day we were talking about the scripture, “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it”….and how sometimes people think this means putting our idea of who our children should be on them, but in fact, it is helping them become who they are….and who they are meant to be. To encourage their passions, dreams and desires…and to help them to be the best “them” they can be….I have watched you over the last year, and this is something you model for each one of your kids. It is a blessing to have a friend that understands and encourages each one of their children to become their best!

    I know you long for the day when you are all together….what a blessing for all of you to be a family! đŸ™‚ Hang in there….and, Oh, by the way, I have four sons, too! đŸ™‚

  7. God bless you amazing people! You are raising spiritual super-heroes. I pray you have the grace each day to remember to walk in God’s strength and not your own. May the Lord fill your home with peace and joy even in the midst of trial.

  8. Seeing the way the big brothers in a big family we knew loved their little brothers and sisters is a big part of why I now have 6 sons and 6 daughters who think the most fun part of the game “Life” is to get children. Even if they win with the most $$, they are disappointed if their little cars are empty.

  9. those pictures are such a treasure ,they brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.You can just feel th love your big boy has in the way he tenderly touches little Mattie.What a gift to have a son like him you have done good,you must be so proud:)

  10. Dear all who are eagerly wondering if I in fact want to be a father,
    I most certainly do want to be a father, and I think I’ve always wanted to be a dad. I’m already talking about being a Grandfather for goodness sakes!:) It makes me so excited to think about bringing a life into the world that shares the same DNA or doesn’t or may even have and extra chromosome. Sure the thought can be overwhelming, but I’m 99.99% sure that even married couples think being parents is overwhelming at times.

    I am so grateful to have been brought up into such a wonderful and slightly larger family. I think it has most definitely opened my heart up so wide to the love that our heavenly Father has for us. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    My Mom is the best mom in the entire universe and one of my best friends

  11. Kids are a gift–always. You have shown so many of us the treasure that God has if we will just say yes to Him. Appreciating your example of walking though this hard season with Mattie. When he gets to come home there will be cheers in heaven too I’m sure!! And kudos to Nick for once again being the awesome brother that he is!

  12. Your bookend baby boys are just beautiful — the love and gentleness in Nick is clear.
    May he be blessed beyond his dreams.
    Praying Mattie is home soon… he is so adorable.

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