A Sort of Update

We’re still waiting for definitive results, however it is NOT looking like something as serious as Leukemia or some other form of cancer. We are SO GRATEFUL for that news!

I think everyone is slightly puzzled still. Hoping tomorrow brings clarity and a specific plan. Thank you all for praying.

Please continue.


4 thoughts on “A Sort of Update

  1. Praying that the Holy Spirit will whisper wisdom and revelation to the doctors re: Mattie’s care. Open their eyes to the problem, Lord and tell them how to remedy Mattie’s situation.

  2. Praise JESUS!!!!! PRAYING for the mystery to be revealed to the medical staff. I think Mattie likes to be one in a million kind of little boy……of course he does because HE IS!!!! PRAYING for clarity, healing, and God’s ALMIGHTY HAND to be upon him!!

  3. Hello Tracie and John.
    Your blog was forwarded to me from my dad to pray. I wanted you to know that I am praying. I am so blessed to see your passion for these children and your awesome love for the Lord. You are an inspiration to all of us!!!. Hang in there- the fight is worth it!
    Love in Christ
    Anne Hubbard

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