Crazy Crazy Aiden!

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Dean Loux

Well, Aiden’s on the mend. I took him in yesterday to have his splint taken off and his hard cast put on. I sure wasn’t prepared to see those pins protruding from his elbow on both sides. YIKES! I’m not sure what I expected, but that wasn’t it!  He’s not in near as much pain now. Very grateful for that! Let me telling you this though, keeping him on MD restrictions is no small task! No climbing, jumping, playground…. basically no FUN!

2 weeks in this cast and then 3 more weeks of limited activity!  Happy times!

One thought on “Crazy Crazy Aiden!

  1. Oh, I hear you on the restrictions! We brought Axel (10 with DS) home on December 16th. On January 7th we found out he had AAI, but just a few restrictions while we figured out how bad. The first week of February he had an MRI done, and was immediately put into a neck brace 24/7 and we scrambled to meet with a surgeon. Axel has spinal cord damage from his AAI. (you’d never know by looking at him.) We were told, “He is at the point that if he sneezed wrong, he could be paralyzed or dead.” He can’t do ANYTHING!! No running. No jumping. Pretty much NOTHING. On May 16th he’ll be having his spine fused in Philadelphia (we live in MN). It would have been done immediately after meeting with the surgeon, but he had a mouth full of infected teeth that needed to be removed before they would consider opening his spine, and then we had to wait a full month after the dental surgery so he was well healed. UGH! It just kills me. I’ve only seen him run 3 times since I got him. (and it’s ADORABLE to watch him run, and also highly dangerous.) Oh, and we brought him home the week before Christmas. On Christmas morning we took him sliding on a HUGE giant hill. He loved it. He loved flying off the sled face-first into the snowbanks. Can’t you just see the angels around him, begging God to make us stop this nonsense before Axel got hurt? We kept the angels busy that day! LOL So, I just wanted to let you know I feel your pain in trying to keep an active little boy from being…a little boy!

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