Come Home Mattie Boy

Mattie’s nursery is almost ready! I still plan to paint a few woodland animals on the mural (owls, hedgehogs, and squirrels I think).

We had so much fun painting this mural on Sunday. Tay and Isabelle were awesome helpers!

Now all we need is our Mattie Boy Lou!


5 thoughts on “Come Home Mattie Boy

  1. Oh I love it, Tracie! I used to paint murals for nurseries (and other random rooms) during college and before I had kids. The blue is lovely!

  2. A beautiful nursery for a beautiful boy! Can’t wait until the pictures of the nursery include Mattie!

  3. Are you kidding me???!!! This is AMAZING!!!! How do you find the time lady…. Can’t wait for you to post picks of Mattie at home in his new room!!!

  4. Looked like fun painting that on the wall! i would’ve totally joined you if I was there. It’s beautiful, almost as beautiful as the Mattie boy himself. But he takes the cake! Love you all.

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