March Comes In Like A Lion…

…and I would really like it to go out like a lamb. Any day now, the more “lamb-like” qualities of this month could begin to surface.

The past week has been pretty intense. Mattie started to get sick late last week. He had a fever by the weekend and was looking pretty sick. He’s had numerous blood cultures and so forth and though we know there is definitely infection in his body, it still has not been pin pointed. Most likely he developed a tracheitis or a urinary tract infection that eventually became systemic. He was in a lot of pain from Saturday on and needed a number of pain meds and sedatives to remain even remotely comfortable.

There is nothing more painful than watching your child suffer. The Momma bear in me would have done anything to relief my son’s pain.

Fast forward to Monday morning. I was with Mattie all morning, as I usually am, and headed home around noon. I was about half way home when John called and said, “I need you home now.” My response was, “Well, I’m on my way home and I’m not sure I can speed that process up. What’s going on?” Come to find out, Aiden had gotten home from school, was playing out side and fell, catching himself flat palmed and hurt his arm. John relayed that he thought it might be broken.

So since life was just starting to get boring, why not throw in a little more drama.

I got home, took one look at my sweet boy who would not move his arm and noticed that his elbow was bulging out funny and starting to swell. I quickly called and lined up some speedy child care for the girls and headed out to Urgent Care with Aiden, while John headed down to the hospital to be with our sick little Mattie boy. After spending several hours at Urgent Care being examined, x-rayed and the whole bit they told us we would need to go to the ER at Children’s Mercy (yes the same hospital where Mattie is), to be examined by the Orthopedist because the type of break would require pins to get the bones back into proper alignment.


John arrived to take us from Urgent Care to the ER downtown. We hung out in the ER til about 6:30PM when they finally admitted us so that Aiden could have surgery the following morning.

We got settled in (still checking on Mattie by phone often) and John went home to get some overnight things for Aiden and I.  John and I went down 2 floors to check on Mattie after Aiden was asleep, and then I settled in for the night with Aiden who had a rough night’s sleep partly because of pain, but mostly because of the no food/drink orders. He was not impressed at all.

So Aiden had surgery Tuesday morning, and was discharged Tuesday evening. He is home grouchy as a bear and the most high maintenance patient ever!

As of yesterday, Mattie had to be put back on the hospital ventilator due to serious respiratory distress related to the stress of illness on his little body. The doctors have been very clear that he did not “fail” the home ventilator and will go back on it as soon as possible. He is on a broad spectrum antibiotic and IV pain meds.

The GOOD UPDATE from today is that Mattie had a great night and a really, really good day. I was so blessed to see him awake and alert for a good amount of time this morning. I got to see a few tiny smiles and had some good eye gazing time with my honey boy!

To say the past week has been hard would be an understatement. We are leaning hard on the Lord and He is so faithful.  We are trusting that these next few days will be full of more progress and healing for Mattie and that our journey homeward will not be stalled again!



5 thoughts on “March Comes In Like A Lion…

  1. Oh, my! Praying for quick & total healing for Aiden and that Mattie rebounds from this infection with no lingering effects. Also praying for strength and rest for Mom and Dad.

  2. I am still reading, just don’t comment as much as I should! Your family sure has had your plate full with doctors – know that I am praying for your whole family!

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