Doing A Happy Dance

So yesterday they changed Mattie’s trach size because they felt that the air leak around the trach (due to decreased swelling post-surgery) may have been substantial enough that he was not getting nearly the amount of support that he needs. And today, WAHLA! He’s like a new man! He was happy and playful for 3 hours this morning. A first in WEEKS!!! This momma’s heart is dancing!

Thank you for praying for Mattie and rejoicing with us over every victory!


10 thoughts on “Doing A Happy Dance

  1. What LOVE!!! I can hardly even comprehend all that God has already done in and through Mattie’s life. The world is watching my friend …. and they are getting to see the gospel in live action. Much love to your fam!!

  2. Doing major VICTORY DANCE here!!!!! Love Mattie’s new pics- LOVE YOU MATTIE!!!!! đŸ™‚ I think Mattie needs his own fan club đŸ™‚

  3. What an amazing woman you are Tracy! Love the way you are dealing with all the challenges life has been throwing at you lately! It is SOOO wonderful to see how very much little Matty is loved and cherished by you and your whole beautiful family! Rejoicing with you that he’s better now! Much grace and strength to you for the coming weeks!
    Love and blessings from New Zealand,

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