2-3 weeks???!!!!

So in rounds today, the doctors were discussing Mattie’s care. They have been working through some ventilator changes, trying to make some adjustments because he is still having spells, and then they casually mention that we could be looking at discharge in 2-3 weeks if all goes well.

I gasp.

Now of course, we want our son HOME! We’ve wanted our son HOME for 4 months now. But when the door to HOME keeps closing, and issues keep arising, I have begun to walk cautiously. I’ve kind of been protecting my heart, not allowing myself to be too hopeful.

But now that we are looking at the reality of having our son come home, not only with a GTube for feeding (no big deal at all now), but now with a trachostomy and need for ventilator support, the idea of HOME is a little scary. Let me be honest. And on top of that, we have a lot to do to prepare. Yikes. Get busy, Tracie!

So all that being said I need HELP!

1. We have bedrooms to rearrange and paint. (Working on that next weekend if you’re local and you want to help).

2. We’re having a baby shower! (Watch for online registry so even if you’re not local you can join in the fun!)

3. We have a major remodeling project that may or may not get done before Mattie gets home, but needs to be done this spring for sure! (We have had many local volunteers, and some not local, offering their specific area of expertise in helping with this project. We have a local contractor helping on the planning end, an out of state contractor and some buddies that are trying to come up and help, an out of state electrician that has volunteered to come, and lots of locals willing to grab and hammer or a paint brush and take orders! If you want to be part of the fun email me at tracieloux@gmail.com)


One thought on “2-3 weeks???!!!!

  1. I love his face! Tracie, he is so handsome. What a sweetheart. Sending him hugs!!!

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