Happy 5th Birthday Aiden!

2 years ago today we were in Novograd, Ukraine celebrating Aiden’s 3rd birthday, inside the 4 walls that had been his home since his birth.

Aiden is my dream come true. He is the son of my heart. I still remember the first day I met this precious boy. He stepped into the orphanage director’s office where we were sitting going over his file. He had on a puppy dog hat with ear flaps, a puffy coat, snow pants and leather boots. I lost my breath for a minute, and then I reached out my arms cautiously. He dove right in and hopped up on my lap. I was a goner.

One year later, we celebrated his 4th birthday- his first as our son. It was a marvelous day full of life and celebration and much THANKSGIVING.

And now 2 years later, we celebrate his 5th birthday. With each birthday the sting of knowing that I missed his first 2 birthdays lessens. With each year, I grow more and more grateful and marvel at the miracle of his life. Each year I thank the Father that He chose to weave the story of this precious life into my own.

Happy Birthday Son.


9 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Aiden!

  1. Happy Birthday my little Choom Chooms! You are beautiful and you melt my heart! I’m so glad you are my priceless nephew! Your tribe of cousins and I can’t wait to celebrate you on Sunday! So much love to beautiful YOU!
    Love, hugs and kisses,
    Auntie Ne’ Ne’ and cousins

  2. Happy Birthday, Aiden!! Memaw and Papa love you, and can’t wait until Easter when we will get to see you and give you your birthday hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday Aiden!!!! A HUGE BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just read your last post- I was a music ed major 🙂 Although a volunteer EMT for years 🙂
    Mattie is giving you your dream- medical degree & mommy too 🙂

  4. happy birthday to your beautiful Aiden, how lucky that boy is to have you and you him.You can just see the overwhelming joy spilling from his big beautiful eyes:)

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