The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Our boy is doing great. He is resting well and has even had some alert moments today. We are so blessed to watch him breathing without stress.

After we saw the images of his brochogram, our hearts were really settled that we had make the best possible choice for our sweet son. It was so good going into surgery feeling at total peace with our decision.

I will be sharing much more in the days to come about how this decision will change our lives forever, and I will try to answer all your questions. Until then, here are some pictures of our sweet Mattie boy taken today (one day post-op). You’ll notice that he is a bit swollen from surgery, but that should dissipate in a day or so.

Thank you again for your prayers, love, and words of encouragement.


9 thoughts on “The Peace That Passes All Understanding

  1. What a beautiful picture of God’s MIRACLE!!!! Praising God Mattie is doing well. Praying for continued healing in his life and in your home!!!!!

  2. He is so very precious!!! I’m sure you hear as much as we do, “this baby is blessed to have you!” But we all know it is US who are blessed to have them! We love you guys:)

  3. tracie, i am praying for your family and sweet mattie, it will be good to hear when he comes home with you and the whole family!

  4. I have been tracking with your blog, praying and waiting for his homecoming. With such waiting, my heart has been so trashed with such affection for this little guy. We all are moved in such manner that it feels like God Himself is literally depositing His emotions over this one into us. No trial is wasted in this. God is showing up and giving deposits of His love to those who even look. Every mother loves for her children to be loved. Yes, Tracie….your little baby boy is adored, cherished and admired. You are not looking for anything for yourself, but I must say that there is a strength in you that is God given and it is a fierce love that will not give up. Don’t be afraid, says the Lord! He is with you! There is something bigger going on here and you and John are getting big (in the Spirit).

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