Mattie Boy Lou

Mattie Boy Lou,

Come blow your horn,

The sheeps in the meadow,

The cows in the corn,

Where’s the little baby who looks after the sheep?

He’s under the haystack fast asleep.

Mattie is resting well and did amazingly well in surgery. We feel fully confident that we have made the right decision for our son. We saw photos today of his brochogram and it only confirmed that this is what Mattie needs to have the quality of life we long for him to have. Thank you so much for your prayers, we truly felt surrounded by the peace of God today.

It continues to be a wild journey, are you along for the ride?




8 thoughts on “Mattie Boy Lou

  1. Yes!!! We are in this journey with you!!! Love you and your precious family!! Praying for you all. Excited to see what the Lord has planned for your family and our sweet Mattie Boy!!!! I have a feeling His plans are going to be big! đŸ™‚

  2. So much love to our precious Mattie Boy! Please kiss him for me. We’ll keep praying and trusting Jesus to heal our little lamb!
    Auntie Ne’ Ne’ and Mattie’s tribe of cousins

  3. Oh yes, I’m along for the ride, and I look forward to the day when Mattie boy comes home to be with his family. You all are still in my prayers. God bless you!

  4. Hi Tracie…Amy Young sent me your blog link. My son (now 17) spent his first three and half months in the NICU. I will be delighted to pray for Mattie (and his Mom:)

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