My Name Is Mattie, and I Would Like to Go Home Now!

As cute as I am, I feel it would only be fitting for me to be home where my daddy, my mommy, and my 6 big brothers and sisters can gaze on my handsome self all day long.

I like Daddy a whole bunch. He tells me stories and sings songs to me. He tells me that at home we have a comfy couch and a big bed for snuggling.

My daddy is also very silly and he makes me laugh.

My mom gets all gushy when she sees me and sometimes she smothers me with kisses. She makes up silly songs about me and it makes my eyes get all sparkly. She’s also comfy and she smells real good. She tells me that I can stay up late and get snuggled all day long at home. She also keeps telling me about Elia, Emma, and Aiden and how much fun I’m going to have with them. I’d like to get to know them. They sound really cool. She claims that Nick, Taylor, and Isabelle will fight over me. I’m not sure what that means, but I like all the stuff she tells me about them.

I’m a little more complicated that most babies, but I think my mom and dad have me figured out. I’d really like a chance to go home so they can be the boss of me from now on.

And besides HOME just sounds like a really fun place.

So if all you kids out there could just pray that I can go home, I would be really happy.

Thank you very much,

Matthias Loux



13 thoughts on “My Name Is Mattie, and I Would Like to Go Home Now!

  1. You, Mr. Mattie, are TOO precious! We are praying & believing your family gets to take you home VERY soon!

  2. Tracie,

    I have encouraged some very close friends of mine back in North Carolina and their children to pray for Mattie by sharing this post with them. I know they will pray the heart of God even as I am for Mattie to come home soon. God Bless You!

  3. PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mattie- I totally think you need to go HOME!!!! You are soo right – your family is AWESOME and they love you sooo very very very much! Can’t wait to hear that you are going home đŸ™‚

  4. I just realized how curly your hair is, Mr. Mattie! You’re so cute! I’m praying you’ll be home soon making making your whole family smile!

  5. Whenever I am reading blogs and Justice sees the pictures you post, he says, “There’s Mattie!” đŸ™‚ He recognizes him and then we spend a few moments praying, “God bless Mattie. God heal Mattie. God, make him all better!” đŸ™‚

  6. I love your story and your pictures. To me, true stories are always the best, and this is one of the best true stories that I have ever read.

    I love you, Mattie. Your Memaw and I can’t wait until you get into your new van and come to Pennsylvania to spend some time being hugged and kissed by us.

    Love, Papa

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