Extreme Home Makeover Missouri

Any of you who have read my blog for any length of time, know that my sister -in- law, Renee’ and her beautiful children tragically lost their husband and daddy in 2009 just 2 days before Christmas in a car accident. Renee and Derek worked together trumpeting the cause of the orphan. They not only spoke out in defense of the fatherless, they put actions to their words by bringing children into their own home.

Renee and Derek’s first son, Josiah was born with Spina Bifida and passed away at age 2  1/2. Josiah’s incredible life opened their eyes and ours to the precious gift of children with special needs. They went on to have 2 beautiful daughters Sophia and Michaela. Over the past 10 years, Derek and Renee adopted 8 children. Their 5 daughters, Teyolla, Keyolla, Telma, Leeann, and Sana are all adopted from the Marshall Islands. Through Derek and Renee’s loving parenting, much prayer, and devotion to their daughters, these precious beauties have walked through incredible healing and restoration. Their 3 precious boys (Sasha, Ethan, and Silas) were abandoned at birth in an orphanage in Ukraine. Sasha has Spina Bifida. Ethan and Silas both have Down syndrome. The boys were severely malnourished, emotionally neglected and were suffering on so many levels. Derek and Renee literally nursed Ethan, a 5 year old weighing 11 lbs, unable to walk or  even crawl,  back to life! As a family we witness this starving, sick little boy come back to life, a true miracle of God’s kindness and his parent’s loving commitment.

After, her husband’s death, my precious sister in law, not only walked through grief and suffering with her children in  such a remarkable way, she also stood tall, determined to carry on the mission that she and Derek worked passionately for- defending orphans and standing for justice.

Renee currently serves as the director of the Orphan Justice Center in Kansas City, MO with the mission to RESCUE, ADOPT, and RESTORE! The goal of OJC is to raise awareness, equip families to adopt, and establish safe, restorative communities for orphans.

In addition on a personal level, Renee continues to walk heroically, bringing orphans into her home and calling them her own. Since Derek’s death, Renee has brought a beautiful 1 year old boy, Judah, into her home, has taken in a little blind girl, Joanna to assist her parents in getting her the care and education she needs to thrive, and has opened her home and offered to legally adopt  a 30 year old, Dawn, an orphan herself, who is working on the streets of Ecuador caring for orphans.

Renee has been given 45 acres in Grandview, MO to help her walk out the vision she and Derek had to build a home with space enough to personally take in 30+ orphans. Their dream together was to take in children with special needs and provide them with a loving home where they could be restored and healed. Their dream was to have horticultural therapy, equine therapy, along with traditional therapies such as speech, physical and occupational.

When I heard today that Extreme Home Makeover was looking for a deserving family in the state of Missouri, I couldn’t think of a more deserving family. This precious family: Renee, her mother Flo, and the 12 children currently in their home, share a 4 bedroom home that is bursting at the seams. They have exhausted every available space and have simply run out of room. Renee doesn’t know the word “No” when it comes to children in need. Their garage and family room have both been converted to extra sleeping space, and there is simply no room left. In addition, their current home has three floors and requires Renee to lift Sasha and his wheelchair from level to level so that he can be with the family.

When someone as rare and precious as my sister Renee desires to love and live her life in a away that to some may seem extreme, extravagant, or hard to even fathom, it seems just wrong to see something like MORE ROOM hold her back from LOVING LARGE!

If you would please help spread the word and nominate Renee Loux for this amazing opportunity to be considered for an Extreme Home Makeover. If you have been touched by this story, I would also encourage you to blog, post on FB or share in anyway possible.


Email nominations to CastingMissouri@gmail.com

Each nomination must include the names, ages of everyone in the house, a description of the major challenges within the home and a short description of the family story. (Feel free to cut and paste from my post if it’s helpful, but I would love to have you share your own personal connection to the Loux Family)

Here’s a list of names and ages if you’d like to copy and paste, though I encourage you to write a personal description of this sweet family if you know them at all.

Renee-mother (49)

Flo- Renee’s mother (72)

Telma-Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (19)

Teyolla- Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (19)

Keyolla- Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (19)

LeeAnn- Renee’s daughter, adopted from the Marshall Islands (16)

Sophia- Renee’s daughter (13)

Michaela- Renee’s daughter (10)

Sana- Renee’s daughter adopted from the Marshall Islands (9)

Sasha- Renee’s son with Spina Bifida adopted from Ukraine (8)

Ethan- Renee’s son with Down Syndrome adopted from Ukraine (7)

Silas- Renee’s son with Down Syndrome adopted from Ukraine (4)

Judah – Renee’ son adopted from the Marshall Islands (1)

Joanna- a blind girl under the legal guardianship of Renee (from the Marshall Islands) age 13

Deadline is March 31st. Additional Details HERE!

48 thoughts on “Extreme Home Makeover Missouri

  1. I love that you blogged on this! I’m totally going to nominate them, they deserve it more than anyone!! And I think YOU are second on the list 😉

  2. Be sure to follow instructions. I copied/pasted from Tracie’s blog above and added a few of my own thoughts. Include the list/ages…just copy and paste. This is great!!!

  3. May the favor of the Lord make the way for this blessing for them!! I will definitely submit my nomination.

  4. Your story has touch me over the years…just sent a note to nominate your family. May Papa bless you and your family with the abundance of heaven!

  5. Sent in my nomination for what it is worth. Praying for greater things than even Ty Pennington!!

  6. Click to access EMHEApplicationS7.pdf

    There is a formal application to fill out. They also accept DVDs. Someone should shoot some video and send it in with the application. They receive thousands of applications per week so I think that perhaps Tracie or another person in the community should fill out the application and make a DVD and send that in. Simply sending in emails with the nomination may not make it past the screening process.

  7. I have heard of the Loux family through friends who live at IHOP and I just saw the post on FaceBook. I just sent the email and hope that they are chosen!!

  8. It was my pleasure to nominate such excellent ones! I mean, is there even a contest??? Who ever heard of such a family? 🙂

  9. Great idea! Sherry, what a heritage! Praying they will be chosen. Thanks for the info.

  10. This is what I sent to ABC:
    “I am writing to add my voice to the nomination of the Loux family for an Extreme Home Makeover.This family consists of (I listed everyone).

    This family currently lives in a standard four bedroom home on three levels (basement, first and second story), with even the garage and family room made into bedrooms to accommodate the many children rescued from lives of desperation. Sasha’s difficulties require a wheelchair, making it necessary for someone to carry him up and down stairs if he is to be with the rest of the family.

    They have been given a 45 acre plot of land where they hope to have a house built to accommodate over 30 children as well as the spectrum of therapies needed to bring healing to the bodies, minds and hearts of little ones who would join them.

    The Loux family have an incredible story I am sure all of America would be interested to hear about, and will be inspired by. I know you will receive many requests from others who will also be nominating this wonderful family, so I will not go into much detail about their history and current challenges. I am sure others will make you aware of who they are and how their family has grown into what it looks like today.

    Instead I will tell you how Derek (Renee’s late husband)and Renee presented a challenge to me in 2008 that changed my life focus, and has changed the focus of my twin daughters who are now 19 years old.

    I have been a professional social worker for over 25 years, working with populations from teen gangs to geriatric home care. At age 50 I heard Derek speak about the plight of the orphan, showing us photos of the boys his family were in the process of adopting from the Ukraine. They already had girls rescued from terrible situations in the Marshall Islands. They helped put a face on the abstraction of adoption for me. Since then our family struggled through a failed attempt ourselves at international adoption (with the Loux family providing enormous emotional support), I became credentialed as an adoption assessor and am currently working as an Assistant Professor f Social Work with intention of writing my doctoral thesis on the new adoption movement.

    My daughters have begun their college careers, with one preparing to become a social worker assisting child victims of human trafficking, and the other an Education Intervention Specialist with the aim of adopting numerous children herself and being equipped to instruct their special needs.

    The Loux family has not only personally walked out lives that have impacted parent-less children, they have inspired countless others like us to do the same.

    The Loux family is living out a concern for the most vulnerable and absolutely deserve whatever assistance might be available. If you choose them to be the recipients of an Extreme Home Makeover, you would certainly provide a home to meet the needs of this wonderful family. But you will do much more than that. Sharing their story will bring exposure. The kind of exposure that will allow YOU at ABC and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to become participants in the quest to provide homes for a WORLD full of children who need other loving families to care for THEM, too.

    Please seriously consider choosing the Loux family of greater Kansas City (Grandview)for this unique opportunity. ”

    I wanted to make sure you also knew, Renee, how important you guys have been to us. We love you and keep you in prayer.
    Thank you.

  11. Wow,I don’t know the Loux family as well as some of my friends,but just reading Tracie’s nomination story has really touched my heart. As one who would like to adopt someday myself,especially the ones who have special needs. I read that story and that Tracie was nominating
    them and had to nominate them myself. They so deserve it.

  12. I have a question…. I noticed that in the article you linked to (http://www.kmbc.com/entertainment/26650690/detail.html) it said “Nominations may be submitted by the family or by a member of their community.” I live in NJ and have never met any of the Loux’s. However, they’re story has been such an inspiration to me. I would love to send an email, but I also want to follow the rules. Do you think I should send an email or not? I know that if this is supposed to happen, God will make it happen, and I don’t want to do something I shouldn’t do. Thanks!

  13. Nominated them also. And passed on an email to several friends. I think your family would be a great community project they can add on. 🙂

  14. yeah! so glad you posted this- just spent a few minutes tearing up as i wrote the email 🙂

  15. Can you enable us to “share” this post on facebook? I can’t seem to find a facebook “share” button on here. . . 🙂 If I’m just totally missing it let me know lol.

  16. I think it’s fine for you to send an email stating that you know that Renee has already been nominated by Tracie Loux, a family member, but that you just wanted to express that you also feel that this is a very deserving family, etc.

  17. I Tracie! I just submitted our nomination! It’s amazing that you mentioned this program as Francois and I were watching it on Hulu the other day and thought of Renee and family. Fingers crossed!

  18. Just sent my email!! Even though I have never met you or Renee , I feel I know you both as I have cried over your losses and rejoiced with you in your precious additions this past year. I consider myself part of your community in the blogging world. 🙂 Thanks for all you do! Jesus has been using your blog to ruin me over this issue of adoption. Pretty sure my friends think Im crazy now 😉

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