Mattie Hits the Gym

Today Mattie had a session with his Physical Therapist while I was there, and I happened to have the camera.

Working hard at listening to directions!

Working on my neck muscles.

This is so exhausting.

Come on Mattie Boy, wake up, you’re not done yet!

Are you serious?

Holding his head up all by myself after a long workout session!

Mattie has had a good couple of days. We are trusting and believing that we’ve rounded the bend and are closer to our homegoing! They are weaning a few of his medicines from last week when he was really struggling, so we are praying that he adjusts well. Words cannot say how much we appreciate each of you for praying for us!


9 thoughts on “Mattie Hits the Gym

  1. OK this is where I just want to get out the old pom poms – dust them off- and start cheering- COME ON MATTIE!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!! 🙂

    PRAYING it will be sooonnnnn!!!!! I am sure Mattie is ready to be home – held all the time, spoiled, you know the usual 🙂

  2. If those shots don’t melt your heart there is something serious going on. His improvement is just amazing and what a little beauty.

  3. He is soooooooooooooo cute! Oh my goodness, I just love his facial expression and what you wrote with each picture!!!!! Go Mattie, go – you can do it!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. He looks wonderful, growing so fast. You just want to snuggle him when you see his beautiful little face….God Bless

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