Sometimes people become family when you walk through the trenches with them, and then realize you’ve been given a gift that is forever. Chris and Mary Malone are just that to us. Many of you know that when we traveled to Ukraine in 2009 to adopt Emma and Aiden, we were there at the same time as this precious couple, who were in Ukraine adopting their two sons, Matthew and Micah.

Chris and Mary with Matthew and Micah in February of 2009- Ukraine.

Here is their family picture taken several months after they were home with their boys. However, this family picture is out of date, as they returned last year to adopt this beautiful little angel, Eliana.

Isn’t she amazing!

A few months ago, this beautiful family heard about the plight of another precious orphan, and they are leaving in a few days to rescue him.

I would like to invite you to help the Malones bring Ethan HOME! They travel January 28th, and are still in need of $2500. This is EASY if a few of us will just give what we can. Remember ever $20 helps!

I’m sure 100 of you reading this have $25.oo to spare. That would do it. Let’s take care of this today, so this family can focus on getting this little guy home.

I’m linking to their blog via a specific post that will really give you a glimpse into the hearts of this precious family!

I hope you enjoy reading THE RANSOM. And please consider clicking on the link in their side bar to make a donation to their adoption expenses. (It’s tax deductible)

One thought on “Family

  1. Thanks Tracie..we love you too and are so very privileged to call you friends! Wish you guys were coming with us …what is Ukraine in Feb. without John, Tracie and Palermo’s . ; )

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