Mattie Boy

A very brief update from this exhausted Momma: Mattie had a much more stable day today, had one pretty bad spell, but other than that, no fever and he rested peacefully. He also had a few alert and playful moments, and I actually got a few smiles out of him today. Good for this Momma’s heart.

The rest of the family continues to battle the flu. So far Nick (had it and better after a week), Emma (had it and better after 5 days), John (on day 3 and still really sick), Elia (on day 2 and is really, really sick- and also very grumpy.)

Please pray for protection over those who have not gotten sick!

And to make up for this boring post, here’s a very handsome boy.

Yesterday (1/6/11) still sick with a fever and having some pretty rough breathing spells.

Much better today! No fever.

And yes he scratched his face up last night while trying to get his oxygen off apparently.




3 thoughts on “Mattie Boy

  1. Your son is beautiful! Sending many good thoughts for his healing!

    I have been reading your blog for a while and always wondered something- is Elia’s name pronounced like Ellie-a or e-LI-a?

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