Our Christmas Miracle

Merry Christmas to each of you who have followed our journey and are continuing to pray for our family.

While the kids got a quick nap, John headed down to spend some time for Mattie before our Christmas dinner out with our family. As I was dressing the kiddos, a text from John came into my phone. A photo of Mattie all decked out in his Christmas outfit with NO OXYGEN CANULA!!! I could hardly believe it. We scurried faster and got the whole crew down to Children’s Mercy Hospital to deliver Mattie his Christmas stocking and a whole bunch of Christmas LOVE!

Christmas 2010, Our first family picture!

Our Miracle Boy, Matthias Samuel Loux

Daddy and I with our two amazing Downsie boys!

Aiden hardly left Mattie’s side for a minute. Notice he has his finger in his “trademark” Downsie toe gap. I do this to Aiden all the time and he HATES it! (Ticklish feet)

Aiden’s first time holding his sweet baby brother!

Emma’s first time holding Mattie. Notice Aiden is still glued to Mattie’s side.

Taylor, Mattie, and guess who? AIDEN!

Sweet dreams our tiny man. Your life is a miracle and will always and forever be a reminder to me of the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Oh how He loves us!


9 thoughts on “Our Christmas Miracle

  1. LOVE your family pic!!!! LOVE that Mattie is off oxygen!!! LOVE that Aiden is in love with his brother! LOVE that you are together 🙂 !!!!!! Makes my day!!!

    I think Mattie is trying to sign I love you in his picture 🙂 I could just be tired, but hey, I can think what I want 🙂

    BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!! Merry Christmas 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Golly, Tracie! I have to drink a glass of water before I read your posts just to keep me from getting dehydrated from all the crying! 😉 This is so beautiful. I’m speechless. And that’s a BIG deal!

  3. Tracie,

    Mattie looks fantastic! He looks so much bigger. I love how you can see his chubby little cheeks without the oxygen or ng tube. What a cutie!!! I’m glad to see he is thriving, and I pray he can gain weight and have his corrective surgery soon.

  4. Oh my goodness, Tracie, these pictures are worth more than anyone could ever say! You are all such a STUNNING picture of the tangible goodness and steadfast love of the Lord.

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