Surgery in the Morning

Our sweet boy is having surgery in the morning. He will be having one surgical procedure on his stomach to help with his chronic reflux, and he will also be having a Gtube (feeding tube inserted into his abdomen) to help with his feeding issues. The Gtube will allow him to get proper nutrition and will take off the stress that bottle feeding causes to his heart/lungs. The Gtube is a temporary thing, and will be removed after his heart surgery when he is strong enough to learn to bottle feed again.

Surgery around 10AM central time. Prayers appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Surgery in the Morning

  1. Prayers have begun! Covering Mattie in the Precious Blood of Jesus and praying that you and John will feel the peace of God every step of the way. Looking forward to hearing that everything has gone perfectly. Kiss Mattie’s sweet head for me.

  2. PRAYING Here! My 14 year old daughter Angela had her nissen w/gtube done at 11 months old. It’s still holding! (supposed to only last around 7-8 years.) We’ll be praying for Mattie and everyone else involved in the morning.


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