St. Nick and the NICU

Our children have no grand delusions that Santa is going to sweep down the chimney into our non-functioning wood stove and leave presents for them under our tree. Under our tree sits a nativity and each night we recount the story of Jesus’ birth, which at the moment the Little Ones are getting easily mixed up with the birth of Mattie.

However, Santa is everywhere, so we choose to call him St. Nick. St. Nick, who was born in the third century and orphaned when he was a young boy. St. Nick, whose life was given over to fasting, prayer, and giving to the poor. St. Nick, who legend tells, kept three young women out of a life of pain, by giving them a dowry when their father was about to sell them into prostitution.

I don’t know, call me crazy, but I’d rather have my children focus on the wonder and majesty of JESUS during this Christmas season, and know that once there was a man named Nicholas, who chose to follow Jesus by selling all that he had and giving to the poor.

My tiny Christmas miracle.

Sweet sister Elia Jane gets to visit her brother Mattie today!

St. Nicholas and Mattie

One on looker that didn’t know our family, said, “Oh what that picture will make a great Christmas card!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there were FIVE CHILDREN missing!

Daddy and his “Honey Boy Lou” (one of Mattie’s many nicknames)

Sleep in heavenly peace, son!


5 thoughts on “St. Nick and the NICU

  1. What a great idea about St. Nick! We don’t do Santa either, but we were planning to just treat him like Mickey Mouse…everybody knows he’s not real, but he’s still fun…but I like this idea way better. We pray blessings upon little Mattie and your entire family!

  2. No santas here either. We do have the legend of St. Nick book though that tells that story. It is great for explaining why the tradition started. We don’t even give presents on Christmas day- gasp!!! 🙂 Actually we do because it is also Elizabeth’s birthday 🙂 he he he

    Yeah- non traditional fun here!!! We have daily scriptures about the coming of the Savior & right now Mary & Joseph & the wisemen are “traveling” around our home 🙂

    LOVE the pic- although it isn’t complete without the other 5!!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting this about how you go about Christmas/Santa/St. Nick… After reading this, I went on Amazon and ordered the St. Nick book for Meren. We also do not want teach Santa as someone who brings you goodies if you are good! We want to teach TRUTH! 🙂
    Mattie looks super cute in his Christmas outfit! Great family pictures!

  4. And this will slay you: The St Nick in the picture is a great guy named Butch. He’s the vice president of the division I work for at Helzberg, and he’s a great guy! My co-worker Rosalynne took these pictures!

    Small, small world!

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