Our Tiny Man

Our tiny man has had a great day! He’s doing much better. They are still evaluating the best way to resolve his issues with reflux and are considering a G-tube (a feeding tube that goes straight into his belly). They really feel that the reflux has been the main cause of the occasional dips in his heart rate and oxygen saturation. The heart surgeons still feel that his heart surgery can wait. They said that other than the holes in his heart, his valves are not leaking and seem to be working properly. They are still hoping he can get to 10-12 lbs before his big heart surgery.

Our boy is  a sleepy little guy. Apparently he was up partying with the night nurses last night because he sure slept a lot today!

His Cinnamon Bear was donated by a family who lost a child years ago. They now make sure every baby in the NICU has a sweet little bear to snuggle.

Sometimes Cinnamon Bear can help you sleep!

I do wake up once in a while and I am so yummy to gaze upon!

And I love to surprise you with one of these, MY GREAT BIG SMILE!!
Thank you for your continued prayers and expressions of love for our family!


9 thoughts on “Our Tiny Man

  1. That smile is SO precious!!! My Danny had his repair when he hit 10 pounds as well. He’s now the most active 5 year old around and you’d only know he’s had surgery if you saw his braveheart scar. Praying for your sweet tiny man.

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