New Normal

So we’re all in one city and trying to find our new normal. At this point, Daddy covers the morning with Mattie while I catch up on work and life at home, and then I spend the afternoons with Mattie while Daddy covers the home front.

Mattie had a little set back the other night, in which we were awakened by a 1:15AM phone call from the hospital stating that Mattie had been working very hard breathing and they had changed his breathing support from a nasal canual to a CPAP machine. Had no idea what that was and we were too stunned to do much other than throw our clothes on and get downtown to our boy. We arrived at Mattie’s bedside at 2AM, and found him stabilized and hooked up to a breathing apparatus that made him look like a tiny space man. A CPAP machine still send oxygen through the nose to the lungs, but is much more sophisticated than a simple nasal canula. I’ll try to get a picture today.

They are trying to determine if his additional struggles were due to his severe issues with reflux or with increasing heart failure. Either way, if medications and other adjustments can not cause his breathing issues to be resolved, they will consider doing surgery sooner than that 4-6 month range.

Another one of the blessings of being close to home is having John’s extended family nearby! John’s parents have been able to get in a few visits with Mattie and are going to be covering the evening snuggle time as much as they can. I happened to overlap a visit with Poppy the other morning and got a picture.

Part of our new normal is getting to family time in the evenings. The other evening the toddlers were dancing to Christmas music.

Emma- JOY!

Amazing Big Sister, Isabelle with a happy little trio!

Love these three.

Elia got a special Christmas gift from her biological grandparents.

And this is what it looks like when Daddy comes home!




6 thoughts on “New Normal

  1. Love all these pics and that Mattie is okay! Aiden’s jammies on backwards is cute- I’m sure there’s a good reason they are on like that! đŸ˜‰

  2. I love the look of joy on all of your children’s faces; but, seeing it on Emma’s face brings tears to my eyes. Love does wondrous things!

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