Life in ONE City

Daddy spent the morning with Mattie and was blessed by a visit from our pastor, his wife, and one of the deacons in our church. They prayed over Mattie and loved on John. Wishing I had pictures!

Two lovely ladies swept in this morning and took Emma, Aiden, and Elia to the zoo while I caught up on cleaning, bills, emails, and phone calls.

Isabelle and I took the afternoon shift with Mattie.

Isn’t she a lovely, lovely big sister!

And our wonderful friend, Bethany came by for a Mattie snuggle. Bethany works with the Zoe Foundation and has a HUGE heart for adoption. She and her incredible husband Jules, have spend many hours helping with our children over the past two months. We are so blessed.

Bethany got this picture for me!

And then this evening, I snuggled with my Little Ones, read the Christmas story and we set up the nativity. Mary is missing this year, but Elia declared that one of the shepherd boys was Mary anyway, and I quickly agreed.  Wanting so much for my precious ones to understand the deep deep love the Father has for them this Christmas.

And there is the couch where I long to sit with my sweet Mattie boy on Christmas Day!

I love that we are HOME!

The artwork by our front door reads “And He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the children to their fathers.” Malachi 4:6

(That’s Elia and Nick’s hands in that photo by the way. Thank you sweet Pam!)

“Welcome Home” has never felt better than it does right now!



7 thoughts on “Life in ONE City

  1. Well your home looks absolutely beautiful. I am not sure when you found the time to clean and decorate so well, but I hope you find the time to sit and enjoy it. Love ya sis

  2. So happy for you! Flabberghasted that your house looks about 110% better than mine, but still so happy for you! Praying God takes this Christmas miracle and brings Mattie home!

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