Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been home with the kids in Kansas City, and John has been with Mattie in St Louis.

Mattie is doing about the same. We have given him fewer bottle feeds than we had been as it seems to be making him so tired. He has been put on a medication to help keep his heart from going into “heart failure” until he is strong enough for heart surgery in a few months. He is also on medication for acid reflux which should help with some of his eating issues.

Mattie’s insurance issue has been resolved and we are now waiting to hear if the transfer to Kansas City will be approved. Hoping for good news today or Monday, so that they can get a transfer rolling. We don’t know when to anticipate a discharge to HOME, but we are praying that our boy is home for Christmas!

I am flying to St Louis this morning to spend a day and a half with John, and he will fly back to KC on Saturday evening to be with our kids for the coming week. We would ask for your continued prayers during this time. I think we’re on day 45 now.

John sent this picture to my phone yesterday. Mattie has a pretty incredible daddy, and though has been hard this week not to be with my tiny boy, I am so grateful that Daddy has been there to love and care him.

(And yes, I did cry when I opened this sweet picture up on my phone.)


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. LOVE your picture! Would love it even more to hear of a transfer SOOOONNNNN!!!!! Praying continually for your amazing family. I just can’t imagine….but know it must be really really hard to be so torn. Lifting you all up to HIM!

  2. We have been praying and will continue to do so for you all!!! Home for the Holidays is top of the list this week!

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