Happy Thanksgiving

Mattie is one month old; and though he will celebrate his first Thanksgiving in the hospital, we are so grateful that he is off the ventillator, free from infection, and growing healthier each day. John will arrive on Wednesday with the kids, and we will celebrate Thanksgiving together as a family here in St. Louis. We are so grateful for the grace and strength the Lord has given to sustain us as a family during this season.

And we are very grateful for our son’s LIFE. Before we knew him, we were fighting for his life as we stood in prayer for the unborn. Before we knew him, God knew his name and wrote an incredible story regarding his life, a life worth fighting for, a child with a destiny.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Mattie got some new toys for his 1 month birthday!

Look at those bright eyes having fun at playtime! He loves looking at himself in the mirror and really tracks with the mobile too. And though no one was a witness, we are pretty sure the big boy rolled over yesterday!



4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hi little beauty! We are so thankful for you, that Jesus brought you into our family and blessed us with the beauty of your priceless little life! You are growing so big and strong and we so proud of all you are!
    Can’t wait to hold you in my arms! We all love you very much!!


    Auntie Ne’ Ne’ and your tribe of cousins

  2. Beautiful!!! Love the new mobile….he is growing and healing….and we are praising God with you!!! Praying he will continue to heal as God uses his story for HIS GLORY!!

  3. He is so beautiful. How can you stop kissing his precious head?!
    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving surrounded by all your blessings!

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